QR Cruiser

Allow others to reach out to you in case of any concerns regarding your parked vehicle.

Rest assured, your phone number remains confidential, and anyone with a smartphone can easily connect with you to address any issues related to your parked vehicle.

How does it work

Never leave your phone number on the dashboard of your car anymore

WhatsApp Update

Get notifications on your whatsapp, keeping you informed in real-time.

Dirct Call

Enable one-touch phone calls via the QR code.

Emergency Contacts

Store and share essential emergency contact numbers within the QR code.

Vehicle Parking QR Code

Empower individuals to reach out in the event of any concerns regarding your parked vehicle.

Your personal contact information remains private. However, should anyone encounter issues with your parked vehicle, they can easily initiate contact. We offer multiple communication channels, including WhatsApp messages, SMS alerts, and discreet Masked calls for your convenience.

Absolutely essential for every vehicle owner. This is a game-changer, and I believe it's high time more people started using this fantastic solution.
Happy Customer

This product is a game-changer! It takes away the hassle of sharing your contact details in public parking areas. I'm impressed by how effectively it works, and the fact that my number remains confidential is a huge plus.
Happy Customer

I'm thoroughly impressed with this product! It's a smart solution for vehicle owners. Now, you can leave your worries behind when parking in public spaces. Your contact details are safe, and this tag simplifies everything. Highly recommended!
Happy Customer